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Blood Sugar Program – Day 10

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 6:23 am October 14, 2013

I had a class again today. We learned how we could seek for signs of health declination from observation. As I wrote in Day 4 report, I had thick white tongue coating. We learned that this could have been a sign of anemia. This matched my self-diagnosis with neuromuscular sensitivity testing! I felt better by taking iron supplement. I took whole food iron supplement in 3 times of dosage than usual today. In a few minutes, I started to feel the tongue coating was going thinner, and I was feeling more grounded.

Blood sugar cleanse itself will promote the circulation of blood, but if there isn’t enough blood to begin with, it is difficult to circulate blood. This is where I need to work on regarding my health. I have a family medical history of stroke in both side of my parents. I need to be careful with my blood circulation.

My blood sugar level on the last day was 85mgl/dL. A week before the program, it was 127mg/dL. Now my blood sugar is in the optimal range. I will try to keep it closer to this.

When blood sugar is high, your blood circulation suffers. Here are some tips you can do to promote microvascular circulation, from a lecture by an Australian herbalist Kerry Bone, B.Sc (Hons), Dip Phyto on September 28, 2013, complied by an herbalist Charlotte Kikel, MS, NC, ACN, summed up by me. If you need more information, please shoot me an email.

  1. 1.     Consume fresh, raw garlic: Garlic demonstrates blood thinning activity. It also dilates the microvascular system: specific compounds in garlic interact with the red blood cells to produce hydrogen sulfide, which is a gas involved in cellular communication that relaxes the blood vessels.
  2. 2.     1 cup of berries per day. This would include blueberries (considered less active than bilberry), strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, even pomegranate. Berries improve the integrity of connective tissue, which as a part of blood vessels in essential to healthy circulation.
  3. 3.     20 grams or 2/3 oz of dark chocolate (85% cocoa is ideal): There are 30 grams in one onse, so this is not a lot of chocolate. Cocoa has been shown to stabilize endothelial function of the blood vessels when stressed by high blood sugar.
  4. 4.     8 oz beet root juice per day: Beets accumulate nitrates, which promote nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide will support healthy microvascular circulation and blood pressure.
  5. 5.     Spend time in the sun: Sunlight promotes nitric oxide as well, thus dilating the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

To lower blood sugar, or just prevent any disease, please limit your sugar, starch and refined carbohydrate intake. If you are interested in going on the program, please book a 30 min. free consultation!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 9

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 7:42 am October 13, 2013

I am taking a continuous education class this weekend. Today we learned about genetics. We might inherit diseases and it may be in our DNA, but it doesn’t have to be turned on. How? Diet!

In 2000, Duke University researchers; Jirtle and Waterland had an experiment. They overfed agouti gene mice creating obesity and disease. It resulted in a gat-as-a-pin-cushion mice with a yellow coat and the trait was passed along to the offspring.

They further changed the diet of females before breeding increasing food methyl groups and found that theses babies born to these mothers had returned to normal agouti mice with no predisposition to cancer or diabetes or obesity, even though the offspring contained the gene that made their parents fat and sick. These results suggest that diet can alter inheritance and further proved the fact of epigenetic influence

I believe health can be attained by any individual, even by those genetically predisposed to illness, if the body is fed by the right thing. Bottom line, the right thing should be the same for all human beings, but how or how much it’s given should be tailored.

The blood sugar program takes away burdens to your body, just for 10 days, but the 10 day of break could be enough to reset your body and mind from life-time abuse from certain food that you didn’t know.

My thoughts on Day 9. 1 more day to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 8

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 6:26 am October 12, 2013

I saw a patient who was interested in the program. She had some extensive blood test results, and her blood sugar range was in normal in general, but goes up and down, and when she exercised, it was going really low and she said she “clashed”.

It sounds like me a few days ago! I did a neuromuscular sensitivity testing on her. She was a good candidate for the program! Yet, I found she wasn’t going to do so well with one of the supplements we use in the program, called Diaplex. I wanted her to be successful with the program. I didn’t put her on the program right away, and I suggested to come back to get a treatment for Diaplex before starting the program.

I also had more findings about her allergies. She had been to many healthcare practitioners, and she is currently on multiple supplements. As far as I tested, some were good for her and she could increase the dosage, but many were not compatible with her. I gave her recommendations.

This program is not only for people with elevated blood sugar level, but someone whose blood sugar level is not regulated well. As blood sugar goes up and down, your mood changes too. Regulating blood sugar is good for all physical, physiological, and emotional health. I think it refines my spiritual wellness as well.

I was 0.5 lbs. heavier today when I woke up. 2 more days to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 7

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 10:29 pm October 10, 2013

Dr. Gerald G May defines addiction in his book Addiction & Grace: Love & Spirituality in the healing of Addictions, 1988 as follows.

-          Addiction exists wherever persons are internally compelled to give energy to things that are not their true desires. It is a state of compulsion, obsession, or preoccupation that enslaves a person’s will and desire.

-          Many addictions are able to exist for years completely outside of our awareness; it is only when our addictions are frustrated or causes us conflict that we have an opportunity to notice how attached we truly are.

When I talk to people about 10day or 21day program, they ask me “Can I have coffee?” “Can I drink wine?” or “Can I smoke?” They mean during the program. And I say, “No, but yes”.

In my opinion, it is better to start the program anyway, even though you cheat sometimes. I would like you to start somewhere. If you fail, that’s OK. Do it over! I don’t want you to think it’s all or nothing!

It is very hard to reverse health. That is why I emphasize on importance of preventative medicine. If you push, push and push your body, it can’t take it anymore. Once you become diabetic, you take medication or you shoot insulin. Those medications just lower blood glucose level, if they are working. If you don’t watch what you eat or drink, it will stop working as well. You could have complications later on.

Just 10 days can reset your body, remind you what to eat, what not to eat to be in optimal health.

By writing this, I am reminding myself. 3 more days to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 6

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 6:25 am

I feel like I am stabilizing finally. My tongue coating was a little thinner. I went to a breakfast meeting, and I had a spinach omelet without cheese. I brought my own butter and asked them to cook with it, as I knew they didn’t have butter! I noticed some restaurants don’t have butter, but only margarines.  Many people think margarine is better for your health, but it is not. Here is a good article I found on the web.

My usual omelet tasted much better today! I should always bring my butter to the meeting!

About 3 hours after the breakfast, I monitored my blood sugar and yes! It was 86! 14mg/dL lower than 2 days ago! Now I am in the optimal range of blood glucose level!

For dinner, I tried a new thing. Red quinoa. I had never cooked red quinoa. I made it with my rice cooker. I can eat red quinoa in the program in moderation, so I sprinkled it on my salad. It was so good!

I weighted 0.5lbs. lighter today. 4 more days to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 5

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 6:02 am October 9, 2013

I think iron supplement is working! I am feeling better. I lost 1 lb back. As I mentioned before, I used to consume a lot of sugar. Growing up, we had some kind of sugary treats somewhere in our house. I was so addicted to sugar. I was heavy and kids made fun of me. I was usually the heaviest in my high school class in Japan. As a girl, it was very hard to be the largest in the class. Over time, I lost 40 lbs. but I was still a sugar junkie. I just did more exercising to keep my weight controlled. I thought if I exercised, I could eat as much sugar I could. In fact, your body still metabolizes sugar the same way, releasing insulin to convert blood sugar to energy, the more you eat sugar, the more work the pancreas to have. I am surprised I still don’t have diabetes. I am guessing my pancreas is having a restful vacation now. I do feel this program was needed for me long time ago. My body doesn’t feel 100% yet, and the program is half way done. My thick tongue coating was slightly better, but not as thin as when I was on 21day purification program. I know my water consumption is not enough. I will try to drink more fluid going forward.

5 more days to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 4

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 12:00 am October 8, 2013

I woke up this morning feeling a little tired. I still haven’t had a great sleep yet since I started the program. I weighed myself and found I gained back a pound. I did an upper-body strengthening workout, and I didn’t have to stop like I did yesterday. I sill don’t’ feel like 100%. I have really thick tongue coating that doesn’t go away. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this indicates “turbid dampness in the middle”, meaning digestive declination due to excessive eating or possibly too much sugar/carbohydrates consumption. This is not what I was expecting while I was on the program. After I got to work, I did a neuromuscular sensitivity testing myself. I found I was deficient in iron. I took some iron supplement, “Ferrofood”. Then I started to feel better a few hours later. I don’t have to eliminate meat with this program, but I haven’t eaten meat, as I wanted to rest my digestive system. I have been taking Trace Mineral/B12 as vitamin B12 only comes from animal products. I had a history of iron deficiency anemia. Even though I am taking nutrients packed supplements, I could probably use more iron. This was why I added iron supplements.

I don’t want anyone to fail with this program. That is why I will monitor participants as he or she proceeds with this program. Each individual has different needs.

I monitored the blood sugar level 2 hours after meal. It was down 21mg/dL from about a week ago. It was still in the higher normal range. I was afraid of my blood glucose level going too low, but I still don’t have to worry about it.

6 more days to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 3

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 9:00 pm October 6, 2013

I noticed I didn’t have a headache when I woke up this morning. As usual, I did my exercises before breakfast, and something happened to me. About 20 minutes in a cardio routine, I started to be really tired and I had to sit down. I have done this routine hundreds of times in the past and this never happened to me before. I wonder if my blood sugar was too low, but I didn’t have a monitor with me, and I couldn’t measure the blood glucose level.

After sitting down for about 5 minutes, I continued the exercise lightly, and finished the routine. I did a neuromuscular sensitivity testing myself, and found I could keep going with the program, so I kept taking the supplements.

It was such a gorgeous day in Austin today! We decided to drive down to Wimberly on a whim! We went to a nice café, and I had a green salad. With the program, it is not so hard to find something you can eat even you are eating out. Last night, we went to Gatti Town Pizza with my daughter and her friend. I still found I could eat. This program doesn’t hinder my social life so much.  (Please don’t judge me for what I’m feeding my child!)

After the morning incident, I’m not tired any more. I don’t have any headaches. My digestion is moving. I went shopping and stocked vegetables, oils and eggs. I’m good to go for another week. Only 7 more days to go to be exact!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 2

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 10:47 pm October 5, 2013

I woke up with a slight headache today. Today was a Saturday and I wanted to sleep in a little longer, but I woke up around 6:30 and I was done with my sleep. I slept for about 7 and a half hours, but I couldn’t say it was restful. I wondered if I was getting sugar withdrawal… I weighed myself and found I was 2 lbs. lighter. We went to Italy last month and I had gained weight by eating gelato every day while we were there.  I was hoping I could lose some weight with this program, but more importantly, I wanted to break the habit of eating ice cream.

Sugar is a highly addictive legal drug.

1. You eat sugar: You like it. You crave it. It tastes so good!
2. Blood sugar levels spike: The brain releases dopamine, activating our “Feel Good” reward center. The pancreas releases insulin to lower blood sugar.
3. What goes up must come down: Blood sugar levels fall. Insulin means “insulate”. The body stores fat. You crave the lost sugar-high.
4. Hunger and more cravings: Low blood sugar levels increase appetite and cause you to eat more sugar. Go back to #1 and repeat.

Refined carbohydrate works the same way too. This 10-day program is a mini rehab of my sugar addiction. I have no doubt I am having some withdrawal. I had low grade headache all day. I was tired in the afternoon and felt some palpitations in the morning.  I hope this will go away soon and I start feeling energetic. 8 more days to go!

Blood Sugar Program – Day 1

Filed under: 10-Day Blood Sugar Program — admin @ 10:03 pm October 4, 2013

Last night, about 15 people came to my clinic for the new 10-day Blood Sugar Program orientation meeting. I was glad to see new and familiar faces. They are all interested in changing their health holistically! As I promised, I started my day 1 today.

I usually skip breakfast and lunch and have a big breakfast. Today I had a breakfast with scrambled eggs cooked with butter, and blueberry/strawberry shake with cinnamon and coconut oil. The shake had 2 scoops of SP Cleanse, and 2 scoops of Whey Pro Complete. I didn’t get hungry for hours! I had salad for late lunch, around 3pm and dinner at 7:30pm. I also had shakes for 3 meals. I need to make a meal plan for the week and go grocery shopping!  At night, I felt like snacking something sweet. After dinner is usually the time for me to binge on sweets. I like ice cream and chocolate. Tonight, I’m not having them. Instead of snacking, I’m writing this.

I didn’t take body measurement this time, but if you want to keep track, I have an Excel file that calculates how many inches you lost all together. Please email me, and I can send it to you.

I signed up for the email support this morning. I didn’t see one coming to me today. Too last minute, I guess. I want to do it right for my patients. I hope I’ll get it tomorrow.

Not so different from any day today. Will see if I get any negative or positive effects tomorrow.