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About Us


About the practitioner

Megumi Uppena, L. Ac., MAOM, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)

Megumi Uppena, L. Ac., MAOM, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), AcupuncturistMegumi practices acupuncture in South Austin. She firmly believes in treating patients as a whole person from the perspective of the physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual levels. She treats a wide range of acute and chronic conditions with acupuncture in South Austin – from minor, yet annoying daily ailments that patients suffer from – to conditions that physicians diagnosed as “idiopathic (from an unknown cause).” Megumi tailors acupuncture treatment plans for each individual, choosing the right tools for each unique patient. She often uses Dr. Richard Tan’s Balancing Method to diagnose patients and develop treatment plans. She is passionate about promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in South Austin, and strives to make it accessible to everyone. She is an NAET® practitioner. She treats and supports patients going through the allergy elimination treatment program through clear directions and compassionate care.

“Throughout my life, I have touched so many unique people with diverse ethnic backgrounds, age, occupations, personalities, and health problems,” says Megumi. “No two individuals are the same. I take this to heart when I treat patients.”

Megumi continues, “The spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that we recognize that everyone is different, and we tailor the treatment to each individual. This is what excites me the most, and what makes me most proud of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Megumi is a mother of a young child who struggles with allergies. As a parent and a professional, she offers compassionate alternative healthcare to adults and children.

About Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb

Acupuncture in South Austin

Bamboo Field Acupuncture & Herb was named after the characteristics of bamboo – resilient, fast spreading and therapeutic. Many parts of bamboo are actually a Chinese herb. “Bamboo Field” is also the meaning of the practitioner/owner, Megumi Uppena’s Japanese maiden name.

The logo consists of a bamboo and shoji screen against a spotlight.

The bamboo represents Chinese herbs. The crisscrossed screen represents meridians Bamboo Field Acupuncture Logo(energy pathway) where acupuncture points lie.

The spotlight represents “the oneness”. In Chinese medicine, the yin aspect of herb and yang aspect of acupuncture are opposite, yet complimentary and both kinds of treatment make the harmony of Traditional Chinese medicine. The logo was designed by Megumi.